Want to Erase Ageing- Go for a facelift

A facelift referring to a rhytidectomy is a procedure used as cosmetic surgery. Its main aim is to give a more youthful appearance by enhancing facial features. It helps in reshaping the lower half of the face by eliminating excess facial skin. After the treatment of the face surgery, you will find a positive plus attractive change in your appearance.

What is the meaning of facial surgery?

Facial surgery usually gets performed as an outpatient procedure. The surgeons may involve a local anesthetics or general anesthetics. Facial surgery can tighten loose skin effectively. It also helps in hanging the skin around the jawline of the face. Facial surgery helps in removing deep creases around the nose and mouth. If you want to remove the excess fat surrounding under the chin or in the neck, then you can adopt face surgery.

The treatment of facial surgery can tighten up the underlying tissues. The facial treatment gets combined with the operation to modify the forehead, brows, cheeks, and eyelids. The procedure for facial treatment can take around two to five hours. The person after facial treatment can go to their home on the same day.

What is the procedure of facelift?

  • In traditional facial surgery, the surgeon makes a kind of incision in front of the ear. The incision can extend up to the hair or the hairline plus behind the ear.
  • The surgeon of the facial surgery lifts the skin off deep inside the facial muscles and removes excess fat.
  • After that, the facial surgeon gently pulls the skin upward and in a posterior direction. They help in removing the excess fat from the facial skin.
  • The facial treatment performed by the top surgeons helps in tightening the loosed tissues of the face.
  • A small cut or incision made under the chin by the facial surgeons. It helps in tightening up the skin and the deeper tissues beneath the neck.
  • After that, the cut made by the surgeons gets closed with possible staples.
  • Even the surgeons can apply the bandages to cover up the wound.

What do the patients expect from facial surgery?

Before the start of the facial surgery, the facial surgeons look at the medical history of the patient. Generally, the surgeons look at them:

  • Medications
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood clotting
  • Usage of drugs
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Allergies
  • Skin condition
  • Scarring

The patient needs to make a clear discussion with the doctor, which involves critical statements. The proposal should include what the surgery involves, where it is going to take place, the recovery period, type of anesthesia being used, and any of the complications if existing.

Results after the treatment of facial surgery

The surgeons of facelift examine the goals and expectations of the patients with facial surgery. The patients undergo the examination of the skin type as well as bone structure when they are going for facial surgery. The patients can enhance their facial beauty by choosing the correct facial treatment technique.